Using Testimonials the Right Way: Real Estate

You should collect hundreds of testimonials, all to be categorized and shown for a range of reasons. There are four kinds of testimonials you want to keep in mind when you’re gathering them from your clients.

The first types of testimonials you want to have grouped are the ones you will use to prove a sales point. Like, if you tell them you can complete the whole ordeal in two days, you should have quotes from customers testifying how quickly you finished and how professional the entire process was.

If a seller is worried about you taking over payments or has some other objection, you should have testimonials to overcome those objections. Show your prospect letters from your previous clients adorning what a great decision it was to let you handle the payments, how well you performed, and how letting you take over their payments essentially raised their credit score.

Then when you want a customer to pre-sell to you, you should have testimonials from various pleased clients stating what a dependable, sincere, helpful person you are. Make sure these testimonials contain detailed examples of how you showed concern and how you went about helping a client during a troubling time in their life. This will establish a great first impression.

Also, have testimonials that support all your market statements to show the homeowner. For example: give them letters of previous prospects saying how much they regret not having listened to you. Or show them testimonies claiming how you saved from making a huge marketing mistake.

Testimonies can be used in virtually any part of the entire process. You can use them in your presentation, have some on your website, carry some in your briefcase, etcetera. Have the real names and cities associated with each testimony. Adding a picture of the testifying client, when possible, is a great way to increase credibility. Leaving behind a packet of testimonials for them to keep is a smart way to get business, as well. It helps you stand out from any competition when they are comparing you to other investors and Realtors with their family and friends.

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