Wall Street Journal says we are dead???

“The era of mom-and-pop real estate investors is quickly coming to an end.” – The Wall Street Journal

Is This The End of ‘Mom & Pop’ Real Estate Investing?

Come on…..That can’t be true….right??

There are 3 Cataclysmic Shifts That Will Make 97% Of Real Estate Investors IMPOTENT In The Next 12 Months …

And What To Do About It!

Did you get my email yesterday? It’s important so please read it today if possible. Real estate investors are in serious danger of becoming extinct. We have to take action right now.

My good friend, real estate investor extraordinaire, and bestselling author of No B.S. Real Estate Investing, Preston Ely, just posted a video expose on behalf of our entire industry that you absolutely must watch right away …


Google it for yourself, but here’s some quotes from articles I’ve come across just in the past few months …


“Landlords have always tended to be mom-and-pop outfits. That appears to be changing. Fast.” – Fortune Magazine

“The business of buying foreclosed homes, renovating and renting them out is morphing from a largely mom-and-pop business into the next big thing on Wall Street.” – CNN


“Large Wall Street investors rushing into the foreclosure market have raised between $6 billion and $8 billion, with the intent to acquire between 40,000 and 80,000 foreclosed homes nationwide in the months ahead.” – Housing Wire

I could go on. But I think you should just watch this video.

Its so incriminating of The Establishment that I wouldn’t be surprised to see it get censored very soon. This is nothing short of scandalous. An outright housing takeover by the government.

More to come. Be Daring!


Watch it and register for one of the webinars. I’ll be on the one tonight at 8.


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