Was Watson Really On Vacation?

By Jeff Watson:

A cool relaxing evening on the shores of the gulf of Mexico and Waveland, Mississippi. I could be found walking around enjoying the beach while talking on my cell phone. Which coaching student was I speaking with?

As many of you know, my wife and I took a week in June to go down to Waveland, Mississippi and Bay St. Louis, Mississippi along with 33 other individuals from our Church (Eagleville Bible Church, Jefferson, Ohio) to help Katrina survivors rebuild their homes. For five days, by day I was a carpenter's helper and laborer. In the evenings I had a chance to spend time with my wife and friends relaxing on the beach while returning the phone calls from coaching students with crisis deals.

Four different houses were either sided or erected by the team that I was a member of.

While the positive results conversation that many people have with sellers who are in foreclosure talks about the fact that the investor's company engages in residential redevelopment, there are times when we as human beings must engage in more than just residential redevelopment. We must engage in not only redevelopment but also restoration. Hurricane Katrina was a huge and devastating force that impacted at least one hundred miles of coastline along the gulf coast of the United States of America. It is still causing disruptions in the lives and businesses to this day.

It is important for each person to remember that as they are working their business, they are doing their best to help people regain control and some semblance of order to their lives. In addition to helping people by making money, there are also times to take the money that you have made and use it to allow you to just give your time and your effort to help people. Doing things like that sometimes can turn out to be great vacations.


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