Watson Closes the Door on Day 1 of the Foreclosure Academy

Day 2 of the Foreclosure Academy is just about to get underway, and if it’s anything like yesterday, we’re in for another awesome one. Our first day gave all attendees, both newbies and seasoned investors, tons to think about and take back to their businesses. After kicking off the event with some of the life philosophies that we live and swear by, we dove right into one of the fundamental things you need to be successful – marketing and leads.

Head Coach Derek Walkush shared his most successful, tried and true marketing methods with one goal in mind – leads, leads, leads, and more leads. If you’re struggling in six months, it’s because you don’t have enough leads. With so many marketing techniques that can be successful at bringing in leads, it all comes down to testing. For every campaign that you’re running, you should be tracking it so you know whether it’s working or not.

Right before we broke for dinner we brought some of our more experienced investors, successful new investors and Master's Elite Coaching students and of course our coaches to the stage to share their secrets with the group. These Success Panels are always some of my favorite parts of these events because you get to hear from your peers, learn from them and most of all, get inspired! Check out a couple of the pictures, below.

The day would not have been complete without a good, healthy dose of Watson – and he brought it! I tell you, this group was lucky because Jeff shared some of the most-cutting information out there. He truly made sure everyone walked out armed with every tool they need to make their deals work.

So it’s almost time for us to get back in session, but I had to send a quick update. Stay tuned for more!

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