What Makes a Real Estate Investor Successful?

I’ve been coaching and training real estate investors across the country for nearly 10 years. I have built up my own successful real estate investing business and brokerage. I’ve had the opportunity to see and identify the traits that I see over and over again that separate the successful investors from those who will never make it in this business. All the smart investors have a lot of traits in common.


I’ve been able to identify 17 traits that they all have in common:

  1. They don’t run on random. Successful investors work with a purpose and have a plan. They commit to their objective and execute on their plan to get there.
  2. Learn from the best – Smart investors follow proven paths. They don’t look to reinvent the wheel, they use the methods and strategies that have been proven to show results.
  3. They take personal responsibility – They prepare as much as they can and take ownership of the outcome. If it’s not favorable, they adjust.
  4. Successful investors don’t expect failure, but they have a plan in case it does happen.
  5. They focus on revenue producing activities, rather than the time-suckers that can quickly eat up our days.


For the rest of the traits, click here.

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