What’s holding you back?

Yesterday I told you about a webinar training I’m holding TONIGHT with my good friend, Dan Doran, on “How To Make an Extra $100,000 in the next 90 Days by Negotiating like a Pro” Click the link below to join me on TONIGHT’S (June 25) training call at 8:00 pm EST… Webinar Registration Quite frankly, communicating with people (specifically buyers and sellers) is the #1 most common fear holding back new investors. (And even keeping experienced investors from where they are to where they should be.) This training TONIGHT will help you break through those barriers to DOUBLE your deals and QUADRUPLE your income. Have power and confidence knowing what to do and say in any short sale situation. (Because we’ll give you exactly what to say!) In fact, we’ll walk you through, step-by-step on what it takes to be a sales MASTER! And if you want to make this business work, you need to be a MASTER. (We’ll show you how and it’s quick and easy!) Tomorrow night Dan and I will show you…

  • How to have every seller you encounter know you, like you, trust you, and be motivated to act right now! You’ll be a trusted advisor, a solution to their problem and they’ll adore you for it.
  • The exact language to use when you face an objection from a seller. Handle any objection with power and confidence and been seen as THE short sale authority.
  • The proven “S.P.R.” formula for controlling any conversation.
  • How to speak to more sellers, get the best deals on houses and increase your margins for maximum profits. Make MORE from each deal you do just by know what to say and when.
  • I’ll show you real life case studies from actual students who use these proven negotiation strategies in their short sale business to skyrocket their earnings on each and every deal.
  • How to dispel the myths of “closing” a sale, get more properties in your pipeline and turn them around for cash quicker than you could ever imagine.
  • Words PROVEN to sell and much more.

Listen, I know when you hear words like “negotiation” and “close a sale” it tends to freak a few people out. But I assure you, when done the right way it’s nothing more than having a conversation with a good friend. All you need to do is be prepared with the right information and on tomorrow night’s training call we’re going to arm you with what you need to say and how to say it confidently. Just register at the link below. But I must warn you space is limited and we will fill up fast. I highly suggest you register right now… Webinar Registration I hope to you can join us tonight, Josh Cantwell P.S. I’m giving you a plug and play system for communicating effectively with sellers and buyers to maximize every deal you do. Imagine doubling the number of prime equity-rich properties you find and turning them around for quick profits. Heck, you can quadruple your income without increasing your marketing costs just by mastering a few skills in just 5 minutes. I’ll show you how tonight… Webinar Registration

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