Where Are Threats to Real Estate Coming From?

International focus group, Counselors of Real Estate, recently took a global, big-picture look at real estate to determine the top 10 issues facing the real estate industry in the coming decade.


The top 10 issues, as identified by the group, include:

  1. An aging population means more focus on group senior living, less office space demands and proximity to health centers.
  2. Rising student debt means less spending once done with degrees, which means home ownership may be postponed.
  3. Underfunding of state and local retirement plans crimps investment opportunities.
  4. Changing office space demands tanks to an increase in remote employees.
  1. Changing retail space demands due to an increase in online retail habits.
  2. Global change and overall uncertainty.
  3. Commercial properties will be looking to be more sustainable and green.
  4. Overvalued commercial properties in strong markets left smaller properties in less desirable markets behind.
  5. Political gridlock and continued uncertainty.
  6. Liquidity in real estate capital markets.


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