Why now? Because the second tidal wave is coming.

A few days ago I told you about the upcoming SREC “Foreclosure Academy” May 14 – 16 in Dallas, TX.

Get the details here: www.SRECForeclosureAcademy.com.

You need to be at this training event if you’re serious about your family’s financial future.

Here’s why…

***The real estate market is changing fast.

***The second mortgage meltdown is on it’s way.

***The largest wave of foreclosures is still to come.

And if you’re not prepared you’ll miss out on the amazing opportunity. At the SREC Foreclosure Academy, my faculty and I will be sharing closely guarded strategies for legally and ethically capitalizing on the coming crash. The economy is totally out of whack. Have you seen the amount of money our government is spending lately? The only person who is going to help you is YOU… it’s time for you to create your own economy.

This May 14 – 16 I’ll show you how.

Get the details here: www.SRECForeclosureAcademy.com.

I rarely do public events outside of special trainings for my coaching students. Here’s your chance to learn the insider strategies my students and I use to dominate the real estate marketplace all over the US.

But be warned, seating is extremely limited so don’t delay. That’s not a gimmick. The hotel we wanted couldn’t get me the room we wanted. I got stuck with a room half the normal size, so we’ll fill up fast.

Happy April Fools,


P.S. I just announced this event two days ago and spots are filling up fast. This is a HOT topic and we’re just at the start of the foreclosure mess. You can’t win without the tools and training we have in store for you, and you’re not going to learn this stuff anywhere else. Get the details here: www.SRECForeclosureAcademy.com.

P.P.S. Here’s just a small part of the agenda that you’ll miss out on if you skip this event.

  1. Learn how I went from a cash flow strapped financial planner to making 1 MILLION dollars in profits in my 1st year in real estate.
  2. Discover the simple steps to follow to partner with me on your deals so you only have to do 5% of the work and still get 50% of the profits.
  3. How to make $6,000 in 16 days using my 6 simple steps so can get out of the gate and get your first real estate profit check.
  4. How to get all the deals you want using my 33 unique and proprietary marketing strategies. Half of these strategies cost ZERO money whatsoever, and little or none of YOUR TIME.
  5. If you’ve never done a deal in your life, then you’ll hear why partnering with me will be an excellent LEARNING EXPERIENCE for you… because you will be working side-by-side and DOING DEALS WITH one of the top real estate investors in the country!

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