Will the Fat Lady Sing?

Hi Gang,

I’m stoked for this week, and me and my crew are working overtime to make this week’s event the best yet.  That being said, before I hit the sack tonight I wanted to get this out...it makes for some pretty interesting reading.

We all know that America’s mortgage market almost sank the world economy. We also know that nothing has been done about it... Well, that could end. Within the week, the U.S. Treasury will put forth its recommendations, and many in the industry are holding their breath.

What’s particularly satisfying is seeing the NAR line up AGAINST their Republican brethren because they want the current flow of money (government subsidies) to keep on flowing, and many Republicans are tired of the game. There’s a new gang in town, and they want government out of the housing business.

There are some valid points to either side, but I tend to side against anything the NRA, whoops... I mean the NAR supports.

Here’s the first of many articles to come. It’s short, but raises some good questions to ponder!

Check out Reuters.com


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