Without Question………The Country’s Top Short Sale Lawyer

For the past several years, coaching clients and students of Strategic Real Estate Coach have turned to one man when a deal is on the line . . . Jeff Watson.

If something went wrong at the last second at the closing table, who did they call?  Watson.

When a lender suddenly switched up the game to change the terms of an approved deal, who did they call?  Watson.

When coaching clients got blocked and challenged by real estate agents who knew a lot about traditional real estate, but little about investing or short sales, who did they call? Watson.

When other short sale trainers, guru’s, and speakers need help understanding new legislation and how it effects the market as a whole who do they turn to?....Jeff Watson

Jeff Watson has been practicing law and buying real estate for over twenty years. During that time, he has built not only a thriving law practice, a thriving real estate investing business, he also is a founding member of Strategic Real Estate Coach (SREC) –– the preeminent short sale training company in the real estate industry and the leader in cutting-edge ideas and coaching.

Check out Jeff Watson’s New Blog at www.topshortsalelawyer.com now

Many attorneys buy real estate, but few have made the impact that Watson has on the real estate investing world.

In 2007, Watson anticipated the need for a way to conduct short sale back-to-back transactions that were transparent to all parties. The result? He co-authored the use of the option contract –– a method that has been highly successful in many markets throughout the U.S. This methodology that Watson pioneered has allowed for thousands of borrower’s to get out of distressed properties while helping many new and experienced investors build real estate businesses to quick success.

What Watson brings to the table beyond his keen intellect is his boundless curiosity and his skill at anticipating what’s around the next bend in the river. His record of success in law and real estate speak for themselves . . . but it’s his ability to synthesize information and resolve challenges that have set him apart.

Watson use to be restricted to SREC participants. No longer.  SREC has grown too large for him to serve as each coaching client’s personal real estate attorney. Likewise, there’s only so much time and too much information to share.  With SREC’s approval, Watson will now be blogging.

Concerned about the Alt-A and pay option tsunami and what it could mean for your business?

Concerned about changes lenders are putting into play that are making business difficult?

Looking for a way to streamline your process so that you can get more deals done, faster?

Want to know how to deal with attorneys and Realtors who think they understand your business and don’t?

Looking for smart ways to educate real estate agents and borrower’s on the perils of loan modifications?

Looking for new ways to get deals done that overcome the latest challenges?

Then you need to bookmark Watson’s blog at:  www.topshortsalelawyer.com

In today’s real estate world you need information not only to get deals closed, but to build the strongest team of real estate professionals that will catapult your business to where you need it to go.

Make sure that Watson is a part of that team.


Come back and visit this site often as Jeff released new information, ideas and challenges the market and the system on a daily basis.

This is one attorney you have to get to know.


Josh Cantwell

Proud partner of Jeff Watson’s in Strategic Real Estate Coach


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