WOW the Client: Sell Real Estate

So, you got the appointment. Now you really need to deliver to impress your prospect. Be prepared. Preparing for the call is one of the most influential steps in selling real estate.

Know that it’s okay if you are a bit awkward your first few times. You will gradually get more and more comfortable with the whole process each time. Encourage yourself. Expect to close the deal every time and stay motivated by picturing an added zero to the end of the closing price. That way you’ll go into it overflowing with positive, influential energy focused on your prospects and landing the contract.

No matter how proficient you get at selling, you’re still never too good to practice. Don’t forget that. Practicing is what sets the rookies apart from the pros. True professionals know there is always room for improvement. Plus, practicing always gives added confidence, which could mean the difference between performing adequately and performing at your greatest. So, practice.

Think of this pre-call preparation process as a ‘pre-departure inventory’ for an airline flight. Competent pilots and crew locate any problems with the plane while they are still on the ground. Without preparing the aircraft for the flight while they are grounded, it could end in disaster if they discover a problem after they have already departed. The same holds true for you. So make all the necessary provisions to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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