You And I : Strategy Session This Thursday

Hey, I'm starting up my day and I have a lot to get done so I'll keep this pretty short.

I'm doing a Live Strategy Session webinar this Thursday at 2pm and again at 9pm.

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Thursday February 2nd 2PM EST :

Thursday February 2nd 9PM EST :

Over the past few months, as I discovered I had cancer and have gone through the healing process, I've felt very disconnected from you. To be honest I've had my mind "in other places" if you know what I mean.

Now that I'm almost healing up I want to reconnect with you and see how I can help you in 2012.

So I planned a live webinar for this Thursday so we can reconnect.

On the Strategy Session webinar I will:

1)      Tell you a little more about my fight with pancreatic cancer and the 8 life lessons I learned along the way that have radically changed my view of life and business.

2)      Show you how my 5 businesses were able to run without me while I was out with almost no "hiccups".

3)      I'll will personally take lots of LIVE Questions from you about whatever you want to talk about.

4)      Tell you where I'm focusing my energy as a real estate investor in 2012.

5)       Show you how Internet Marketing is changing the way I run my real estate companies.

6)      And some other important and cool stuff....

As I plan for the ½ half of my life and how I can serve you along the way, I'd like to know a little more about YOU, YOUR GOALS, and plan a course of action to help you get there.

Please fill out this survey profile below so I can better understand what you are excited about and where you want to go.

Then also make sure you register for the webinar so you and I can reconnect and push forward to massive success in 2012.

Register here

2pm :

9pm :

Talk soon


P.S. [WARNING] The webinar may not have the energy that my webinars usually have. I'll admit, I'm still moving a little slower than normal and don't have the energy I used to have since my surgery. BUT I will still rock the house and give you all I have.

See you Thursday!

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