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Are you new to real estate investment? Or are you a veteran who is seeing a lot of competition in your market and you need some new ideas to stay on top? Do you want to find and flip more deals for greater profit with less work? Awesome, we want to help! First we're going to make it easier to find deals with our "55 Ways" book.

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When you click submit, Strategic Real Estate Coach will email you a copy of our "55 Ways" Ebook. That's it. Really. It's just that easy. We do this because...

Once you see just how easy it is to find real estate deals, then you'll be ready to see just how easy we make doing the rest of the deal.

If you like the FREE book, then you'll want see what we teach our students about. What can SREC courses teach you? Well it's simple really...

  • Property acquisition
  • Due diligence
  • Writing offers
  • Rehabbing
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Working with contractors
  • Working with vendors
  • Filling rental properties
  • Attracting sellers
  • Attracting buyers
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Tracking deal flow
  • Promotions
  • Funding
  • Raising capital
  • Maximizing profits
  • Title closings
  • Property sales
  • Lending
  • Much more...

“55 Simple Strategies is a Goldmine...I went through it on a Buffer Day just to learn how much I really hadn't considered in sourcing deals. Great stuff Josh!” – Bill Ziccardi - Laguna Niguel, CA

Our Top Courses

MMI will quickly push more life into your real estate investing career

With the MMI program, we give you tips and tools to quickly enter the real estate market and start building towards your new life in property investment. While this isn’t a system to automatically make money, it will show you how to use your free time to create profits for yourself.

With MMI we will show you...

  • How to find real estate investment deals
  • How to engage with motivated sellers
  • The paperwork you need to close your deals
  • How to build a buyers list
  • How to market your property
  • How to close your real estate investments
  • What mistakes you need to avoid
  • and more...

One Flip will teach you how to do larger deals faster and easier

With One Flip, Josh and our team of real estate investment coaches give you the opportunity to go deeper into the methods and tactics that make our students so successful. Josh will show you exactly how he finds deals using none of his own money to purchase and how he never lifts a hammer during the rehab process.

With One Flip we will teach you...

  • Why you don’t need experience to get started (everyone starts with zero experience)
  • Why you don’t need a real estate license
  • Why you don’t need a lot of money in the bank (most deals can be done with little or no money at all)
  • How to find great deals without spending money on marketing
  • Why you don’t need any remodeling or construction experience
  • Why you don’t need funding at all for most deals
  • How to do the big game changing deals without using any of your own money
  • How to uncover the best deals using 7 free and super cheap acquisition strategies
  • How to get your first deal in the next 30 days or less
  • Look forward to seeing you on the class and helping you achieve your goals.

AI Pro Mastermind will connect you with a class of real estate experts

AI Pro is more like an "inner circle" than it is a coaching program. With AI Pro, you will work one-on-one with Josh and our top faculty in a highly collaborative environment. You will be a part of meetings and discussions every week. This course is how you move from "student" to "master".

AI Pro gives you unlimited access to...

  • Our execution plans, formulas, and SOPs
  • Checklists, strategies, and ways to roll out new projects
  • Checklists, strategies, and blueprints to attract seller leads
  • Live training sessions each and every month
  • Weekly office calls and "front of the line" access to our experts

Why are we giving you the book first?

You can’t succeed in real estate investing if you aren’t finding the right properties to invest in. It’s just that simple. To help with this step, we’re giving you this book for free. Why? Because it will help BOTH of us.

You get to see if we’re taking you in the right direction and if you’re going to fit with us. You will see if you trust us to teach you everything we know. I mean, you don’t want to take real estate investment courses from someone you don’t agree with or even trust, do you? We’re going to start building that relationship by simply giving you the first step to test it out. It’s just that simple.

You get a free sneak peak of part of what we teach to see if we're good enough for you.

This helps us because we know what it takes to make it in real estate investment. Our courses are designed for people who see the changes they want to make in their financial future and WANT to succeed. Our programs may sound “easy” on the surface, but they still take work. They’re made for winners. Nobody ever won by phoning it in. They won by jumping in and doing the work themselves. If you don’t like what we’re saying in our free book, then you’re not going to like what we teach in our courses. This hurts both of us.

Plus, we’re just that confident in what we do.

So check out this free copy of 55 Simple & Powerful Ways to Find Killer Real Estate Investments. If you think you’re a good fit for one of our programs, then we’ll be able to provide you with more information about them.

“Hi Josh, I just read your 55 Ways report and I am quite impressed, as well as excited at the possibilities. I felt as if I had found a gold mine of information! Excellent selling tool, because I feel that if you are giving that many resources away for free, the rest of your programs must have some outstanding value.” – Fr. Charles Butler - Pacific, MO