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Our team of motivated coaches decades of experience helping people at all stages of real estate investment. Come learn about who we are and see all the skills that we bring to the table to help you.

team of expert real estate coaches


Our investment professionals have experimented and learned the best ways to get funding for their deals. With Freedom Funding, SREC is able to offer our customers asset based loans to fund their deals and start their home buying process.

Middle Man Income:

With the MMI program our students are able to quickly enter the real estate market and build towards their careers in property flipping. While this will not to automatically make students money, it does allow students to use their free time to create new revenue streams.

40k Flips

With 40k Flips, SREC offers students the opportunity to go deeper into the methods and tactics that make other students so successful. We will show you how to find real estate deals with none of your own money and doing none of the actual construction work.

AI Pro Mastermind

AI Pro is not a class, it’s a team. Members work one-on-one with Josh and his top people in a collaborative environment. With weekly meetings and discussion, members are of AI Pro learn the ins and outs of the industry and become masters.

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“I must say I was a bit skeptical about your program, after signing up for so many others that omit critical pieces of information. But your course is the real deal, it covers so much, that I think I’m getting some information indigestion. However, I can live with that, and look forward to scoring some big successes with your coaching. I am also interested in buying through auctions, so any information you have on this would be very helpful.”

- Roy Leighvard

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